Second-hand car sales in Alice Springs

Come in to your trusted used car dealer in Alice Springs today. Having been in business for more than 20 years, we understand what you’re looking for and the type of vehicle you need. It’s our goal to match you with your perfect vehicle, so you can drive away without regrets.

Our number one priority is
helping you check everything off your list.

That means having a good selection of vehicles, maintaining high-quality standards and offering you a great deal every time.

Sales & Trade-ins

For your convenience, we offer both direct sale and trade-in services. With direct sales, you’ll be purchasing the car from us with no middle-man or complications. We work with you to get the right vehicle in the right price range. Trade-ins help you avoid the trouble of selling your current vehicle on your own. You can put the value of your used car towards the purchase of another car. We often buy used cars from customers later on as well, even if it’s not related to a trade-in deal.

Quality Standards & Inspections

Cars are an important part of your life. They help you get around and do what you need to do every day. It’s not an easy decision to choose which car you want to get, but we try to make it just a little simpler for you. Every used car for sale at Dave’s is pre-checked and inspected by our professionals. Not only does every vehicle undergo general inspections, but they also pass through safety testing. Quality is everything. We won’t sell you a vehicle that doesn’t live up to our high standards!

Testing is done by both our in-house team and a third-party testing service in compliance with the Motor Vehicle Registry. You can be sure that whatever you’re looking at on our lot is certified pre-owned (CPO).

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Used Cars

We offer used cars of all kinds for sale and trade-in. From smaller economy cars to 4WDs, SUVs and sedans, there’s something for everyone. Price range is so important for used cars, which is why we offer such a wide variety for every budget.



If you’re looking to do a lot of driving outside of town or to surrounding areas in the Red Centre, a sturdy 4WD should do the trick. When you buy from us, you get peace of mind of knowing that your vehicle has passed through a safety and compliance inspection.

Economy Cars

Economy Cars

Economy cars are a perfect fit if you’re looking for a daily driver. You can get something small that’s lighter on petrol and more comfortable to drive. When summer rolls around, a good economy car with A/C makes all the difference.


Family Vehicles

For families, an SUV fits the need for a little extra room to grow. Space, comfort and safety are top priorities, but your budget is always a big concern. You can find a certified pre-owned car that works well for your family without breaking the budget.

Where Our Cars Come From

Our goal is to get you seated in your next vehicle with as little stress as possible. That’s why we sell to you directly without connecting you to a middle-man or another seller. All the cars on our lot and website are directly sold through Dave’s Used Cars. You can deal with us 1-on-1 to inspect the car, test drive it and get a great deal.

If we don’t have the car you’re looking for, we’ll source one for you. It’s not possible to keep every make and model available on our lot, so we work with you to find a vehicle that meets all your needs. We want you to feel comfortable, safe and happy in your new car. That’s why we’re willing to look around and see if we can get the exact make and model you have in your mind. We’re dedicated to serving you!