Dave's Used Cars regularly purchase second-hand vehicles from our customers either as a separate sale or as a trade-in. We offer reasonable prices for an extensive range of makes and models, taking into account the current market value.

To obtain the best price for your vehicle here are a number of things you should do before you see us:

- Have your vehicle detailed, while it may cost a couple of hundred dollars, it will make more money in the sale as it will look cleaner and in more immaculate condition.

- If you can't afford to have your vehicle detailed professionally make sure you clean all the hard to reach places such as door and boot openings, empty the ash tray/s, wash out the engine bay and give your car a thorough wash, chamois and a cut and polish. Finish by deodorising your vehicle.

- Check the price being offered for similar makes and models so you don't go in blind and expecting an exorbitant offer on your vehicle or you may end up feeling deflated.

Second hand doesn't need to be second best!

The team at Dave's Used Cars in Alice Springs believe in offering you genuine service and guaranteed quality in every vehicle they sell. All of their vehicles have to pass a Safety and Compliance Inspection before purchase, providing you with peace of mind. If you are thinking of selling or trading in your car, we can also tender a competitive price for you.